We’ve got you covered!

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Life After Settlement is Easy with CareGuard

Our healthcare advocates understand your medical needs and coordinate with your providers and pharmacies to make sure everything runs smoothly. Anytime you need to pay for a medical treatment with your CareGuard account, just show our card and we handle the rest! There are never co-pay's for any prescriptions, doctors visits, etc.

Our goal at CareGuard is to make your life easier by taking care of all your healthcare needs after settlement.

We are the industry leader in administering both Medicare Set Asides and any funds allocated for Non-Medicare expenses, so no matter the cost or situation, we are here to help you manage it and save money!

CareGuard takes the hassle away

With CareGuard, you never have to touch a bill. All bills are directed electronically to our team where we verify them and apply our discounts. We show your transactions in our online portal and in monthly paper statements we mail to you.

CareGuard gives you freedom to manage your treatments your way

With CareGuard, You can see any doctor you want for your injury. We never restrict you from seeing the physician of your choice and our CareGuard card gets you discounts on your medications at over 65,000 pharmacies.

Know your Medicare benefits are protect

For individuals with MSA's, CareGuard reports all of your bills to Medicare so you can make sure you are always compliant and your Medicare benefits are protected. Additionally, we always pay your bills at or below the appropriate Worker's Compensation Fee Schedule to ensure that you save money and get your medical care at the rates you deserve.