Save on every purchase

Save an Average of 28% on your healthcare spending

We’re using technology to simplify your health insurance experience and drive savings. When you show your CareGuard card to a provider that is in one of our networks, you are tapping into the strength or our group bargaining power.

Live every day without having to worry about your medical funds depleting.

Because CareGuard has thousands of individuals receiving medical treatments, we are able to negotiate network purchasing discounts on your behalf. This means we are setting up pharmacies, doctors and equipment providers to vie for your business and offer you discounts.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about ever being over-billed or billed incorrectly. Our technology and team reviews every bill to make sure they are accurate and to apply our discounts. As a member of CareGuard, your experience is simple. You simply show your card and do not have to make a copay to get the treatment you need.

If you want to compare our discounted prices to what you pay today or to what you have been offered in a settlement, reach out and contact our team. We can collaborate with you to produce a custom report to show you our savings (example to the left).