Frequently asked questions

How do I use my CareGuard card?

Your CareGuard card works the same as a traditional health insurance or prescription card. Just show it at the pharmacy or doctor’s office and there is no copay. CareGuard, administered by Ametros, acts as a third party administrator similar to a typical insurance payer.

Is the CareGuard card a credit card?

No, the CareGuard card is used the same as a health insurance card with a $0 copay, not a credit card or debit card. You will never have to pay cash out-of-pocket at the point of sale with CareGuard.

Does the CareGuard card replace my current health card?

Your CareGuard card is a means of payment for services and prescription expenses associated with your MSA, treatment plan or medical cost projection. It does not replace your private health insurance or additional medical coverage. Continue to carry your health card and use it for non-MSA expenses.

Is there anything I need to do before using CareGuard card?

Yes, although your CareGuard card is fully functional upon receipt, if you have not been able to speak with our member services team prior to the first use, please contact us. Our member services team will ensure all current providers and medications related to the injury are listed within your profile.

How long does it take to receive my CareGuard card?

Your permanent card will arrive in the mail within 5-7 business days after your signed agreement and MSA funds are received. If you need services or prescriptions prior to receiving the card, contact Member Services toll-free at 877-905-7322.

What happens if I lose my CareGuard card?

Contact Member Services toll free at 877-905-7322 to report the loss and a new card will be provided. You can also create an online account via our member portal, which will allow you to view transactions, account history and also request a new CareGuard card.

Will I need to bring my CareGuard card with me every time I visit a doctor?

Your doctor's office procedures will determine if you have to show your card for every visit. It’s a question well worth asking at your next appointment.

Can I use my CareGuard card to pay for all doctor visits?

Your CareGuard card can be used at your doctor visits for any qualified services covered under your MSA or medical cost projection plan. If you are going to a new doctor, just let us know and we will on board them as well.

What do I do if the provider does not accept my CareGuard card?

If a provider does not accept your CareGuard Card, you may pay for your service by cash, check, or credit card and then submit a paper claim with the appropriate accompanying documentation. Your claim will be reviewed and processed. All eligible expenses will be quickly reimbursed to you by check. If you experience any issues with a provider accepting CareGuard as a form of payment, please contact our member services team directly. We will work directly with the provider’s office to onboard them, allowing claims for services to come directly to CareGuard.

What are my eligible medical services?

Review your MSA materials for specific qualified services or contact Member Services toll-free at 877-905-7322. If you received funding for Non-Medicare covered expenses our Member Services team will review all of the spending option’s, you have with that funding.

Who do I contact if I have questions about prescription coverage?

Contact our Member Services team at 1-877-905-7322

May I use my CareGuard for mail order drugs?

You may use CareGuard for the purchase of any mail order drugs.

How can I make changes to information on my account?

You can create an online account via our user portal, which will allow you to update your profile, contact information, pharmacy, providers ect. Contact CareGuard member services toll-free at 877-905-7322 with any questions.

How can I track my MSA account information?

Your account info will be provided in your monthly account statements from CareGuard or you can sign up for our online portal at;

What type of documentation do I need to submit for a payment I made?

You may submit via our user portal, via fax (877-443-9344) or mail your itemized documentation, along with a CareGuard claim form, available on the CareGuard website.

My statement shows some services I do not remember having. What do I do?

Contact CareGuard Member Services toll-free at 877-905-7322.

May I borrow against my CareGuard account?

No, loans are not eligible against MSA funds.

Where are my medical funds placed?

All funds are deposited in an interest-bearing bank account under your name.

How is interest calculated?

The interest rate is based on the account average daily balance.

Do I have to pay a co-pay?

No, there are no co-pays associated with eligible MSA expenses.

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