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Save 28 cents on every dollar you spend on healthcare with CareGuard!  CareGuard is the industry’s first fully-automated, affordable solution to professional administration for medical custodial accounts and Medicare Set-Asides.

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Why Choose CareGuard?

We Take Care of Everything

Our healthcare experts and msa administrators help you with the coordination of your care so that you never touch a bill and always know that we are here to answer your questions. The CareGuard card works like a traditional insurance card with no copays or extra charges, making it easy to get the care you deserve. CareGuard also automatically fulfills the reporting requirements of your Medicare Set-Aside (MSA), if necessary.

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Get Huge Savings On Healthcare

CareGuard secures large discounts on your medical bills so you can make your funds last as long as possible. How do we do this? We review every bill searching for savings and we have agreements with multiple healthcare networks to reduce costs to you. On average we save our members 28% of the projected costs listed in their settlement. Our goal is to provide you the best medicare set aside professional administration.

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Make Tracking & Reporting Simple

CareGuard's experts have managed thousands of settlements and are standing by to help you with any questions. With CareGuard, your funds will always be protected. CareGuard’s online portal displays your account balance, spending trends, savings amounts and more! CareGuard’s team provides you with 24/7 support and will also mail you a monthly paper statement for your records so you will always know the latest with your account.

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Modern Technology for Modern Care

We’re using technology to simplify the entire health insurance experience. Our online portal is a virtual snapshot of all of your spending trends. You can access your account at any time from your computer or via our mobile-friendly website and you can message our team online with any questions. So sit back and relax knowing all your information is secure and we are working to save you money.

How does CareGuard work?

CareGuard puts a team of healthcare advocates on your side. When you join our platform we speak with you first to understand your medical needs. Then we contact all of your providers and pharmacies so that they can send bills directly to us. From there, anytime you need to pay for a medical treatment with your CareGuard account, just show our card and we handle the rest! There are never co-pays for any prescriptions, doctors visits, etc.

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Max discounts & guaranteed MSA compliance with a professionally-managed account

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  • 24/7 online & phone support
  • 100% MSA compliance
  • Fully automated reports & submission
  • 28% Drug discounts
  • 28% Provider discounts
  • CareGuard sets up a dedicated bank account for you and acts as custodian

Get discounts & support with MSA reports pre-filled with data from your own bank account


$125/year | $1,000 lifetime
  • 24/7 online & phone support
  • Pre-filled MSA reports
  • Pre-filled reports requiring manual submission
  • 21% Drug discounts
  • 21% Provider discounts
  • Funds remain in your own bank account which is linked to Amethyst

Ensuring injured parties have insight into the actual pricing of treatments during settlement

  • Quick quotes for prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and home healthcare
  • Shows post settlement savings (Ametros’ platforms vs self-pay rates)
  • Can be used in all personal injury, workers’ compensation and liability cases



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Get started today with CareGuard. Let us save you money and make managing your settlement funds simple.